Houseplants that can hurt your pets

Lost of houseplant gardeners have watched their prized plant get destroyed by hungry dogs and cats… anyone who’s ever lost a specimen to Fido knows how infuriating it can be. But not only is it bad for your plant collection, it can be fatal for your pets, and few things are more devastating for families

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Decor features every room needs

When decorating a room, we always want to make sure we’ve got the most essential basics covered-from furniture like couches and coffee tables to textiles like rugs and curtains, and smaller elements like plants and candles. But what about that little extra something that makes a room really feel special? Unique artwork If your room

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Why small spaces are the best

Easier to personalize Ever walk into a large home that feels more like a museum than the home of someone you know and care about ? It’s not the most familiar or welcoming of vibes. If you’re anything like us, you want your space to be a reflection of you anf your personal style sensibilities.

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