Mid-autmn Festival Lantern in Viet Nam

What will be the first thing appear in your mind when you talk about the Mid-autumn festival.

The answer is absolute “Lantern” – a toy that is attached to the childhood of many Vietnamese generations.

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The highlight of Mid-autumn’s lantern is probably the period before Vietnam entered the market economy. At that time, the living conditions in Vietnam were lacking and didn’t have a lot of electric lights like today. So on the full moon night of the most beautiful day of the year, the little children nodded to the crowd with lanterns in their hands. Because there is no electricity, all the space is lit by the sparkling light emanating from the colorful lanterns

Carp and Star Lantern

The most common lantern is glass paper lanterns like starfish lantern and carp lantern. The artisans will make a frame of bamboo with the star shape or fish sharp. Inside, It has a small base to place candles. Then they glued the glass paper up and finally a few more points to blow the soul of the lamp.

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                                                                                                             Carp lantern

Đèn Cù

Next is an interested lantern. It is absolutely a gift for creative kids. “Đèn cù” is a  little different from the others. Basically, It still the same but the different thing is It can move too.

thetresorapartment 070911dsafamilydencu11 da448 - Mid-autmn Festival Lantern in Viet Nam

You can see that it has 2 wheels. When 1 wheel moves, it will make the other spin around.

thetresorapartment long den lon 1 - Mid-autmn Festival Lantern in Viet Nam

Another version of Đèn Cù

Kéo quân lantern

This lantern is usually for adult because it is often bigger and heavier than the others lantern. This can move too but not by the wheel. It is a physical phenomenon. This lantern has 2 layers. The layer inside moves by the circulation of air due to heat.

thetresorapartment long den keo quan handmade 01 - Mid-autmn Festival Lantern in Viet Nam

Nowadays, those lanterns are no longer preferred as before. They gradually replaced by paper lantern with cartoon or superhero face. Some use electric lantern which can emit music.

thetresorapartment ca xanh to 2 - Mid-autmn Festival Lantern in Viet Nam thetresorapartment den long hai mat 5 - Mid-autmn Festival Lantern in Viet Nam

Even we have more choices than before but with adult, traditional lantern is always the most favourite toy in their memory when Mid-autumn festival comes.

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