Effects of anxiety on women

Being upset or thinking too much is one of the common causes that make us grow old, especially for women.  However, that does not always bring bad effects. In fact, anxiety sometimes has positive effects that you can imagine.

Sensitive and insightful

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Anxiety makes women become sensitive and insightful

This is probably the reason why women are so complicated and hard to understand. Women tend to live mostly on emotions. That is the reason why they often to anxiety more than man. However, this makes them more profound and sensitive. So guys should be careful because they will know when you lie to them.

Always think about the result

Anxiety gives women a very special thing call “visionary”. They always think about the result of every decision to be sure that nothing bad gonna happen. This makes them less engaged in risky ventures and often lose opportunities. On the contrary, they always think carefully and work in the work. This is the advantage of women when competing with men.

Know how to care and empathy 


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Worries sometimes make women stronger

Thanks to their sensitivity and insightful, women always care about people around them. Because of the Sensitive, they know how to care to people around them and they can easily understand the feeling of somebody. They can even sacrifice their emotions and do everything just to make you happy. So do not take advantage and hurt the girls who care about you.


With the concern for the people around, women have a big warm heart.  These women know the feeling of extreme pain. When you make a mistake, they tend to remember the good things that have passed so they can forgive your mistakes. Sometimes they can even understand about the reason of what you have done. Therefore, as long as you repent and really sorry for your fault, they can forgive the mistakes you mand and let everything begin again.

Woman seem to be weakly, but as they said: A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.

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