Feng Shui of Kitchen Location in Your Home Floor Plan

The location, design and feng shui basics of your kitchen are all considered very important in a good feng shui floor plan. In fact, your kitchen is part of the so-called “feng shui trinity” – the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen – because of its utmost importance for your health and well-being.
So, what is the best feng shui positioning of a kitchen in a good floor plan and what is the worst one?


Here are some basic guidelines for you to explore.


The worst feng shui positioning of a kitchen is the one where the kitchen is close to the front door and is the first view you see as you come in. Please note this does not apply to a kitchen further away from the door that you can partially see from the front entrance; this only applies to a floor plan where you literally come home through a kitchen.

Even in this case, there are better and worse scenarios. An oven that you can see from the front door, or aligned with the front door, is considered very bad feng shui. It is a bit better if you see a nice view of your kitchen, let’s say a kitchen island with some flowers on in, or a little herb garden for good feng shui.
Another bad feng shui floor plan kitchen location is a kitchen either under the bathroom or facing the bathroom door (a bathroom door in proximity to the oven or kitchen island is the worst).

The reasons here are plain common sense – the two energies should be kept apart and never mixed.

The last bad feng shui kitchen location is a kitchen very close to the staircase – these two energies are opposite each other and are best kept at a distance.

Moderately challenging kitchen locations are a kitchen very close to the laundry room or the garage, but these scenarios are much easier to work with and improve.

There are several elements that are important in the actual design of the kitchen. The designer triangle principle – where the oven, the fridge, and the sink form a triangle – is good feng shui and well-known to many. Less known, but very important feng shui factor is to avoid having your oven positioned in the way where you cook with your back to the door.

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