Five steps for a top-to-toe bedroom makeover


Look around your bedroom as if seeing it for the first time. Is it a restful and attractive space, or is it a mess ? Too often, bedroom become the storage units of our homes, where we hide dilapidated furniture or that never-quite-right lamp away from the eyes of guests ( who usually only venture into more public spaces, like the living room and kitchen).

The first step of your makeover is the edit. Consider your bedroom with a critical and objective eye. What do you love ? What is worth keeping, and what is better off donated or sold ? What belongs in another area of your house ? The bedroom should be a soothing retreat that both relaxes and recharges you at the end of the day. Start the makeover process by eliminating anything that you don’t need and love. And the best part of editing ? It’s free !


A home makeover is like a road trip in that without a map or clear directions, you might not ever reach your destination. In step two, you’ll reconfigure your bedroom furnishings to match the vision in your mind. Start with basic questions : Does your furniture really suit your taste and needs? Is your bed large enough ( or is it too big ) ? Does your bedroom “work” ? The answer to these question give you a guide for creating your dream bedroom.

Once you are clear on the basics, take another look around your room. Now’s the time to get more detailed; ask yourself if the furniture is positioned properly and accessories are shown to their best advantage. It all starts you bed on the longest wall in the room, and then place you remaining pieces of furniture in the most complementary position around it.


Color has a strong impact on your mood. That’s why one of the easiest ways to give your bedroom an entirely new look and feel is to change the wall color. Never underestimate the power of paint to completely transform your space.

For example, if you love to garden, you may want to select a soft green or yellow paint to recreate the feel of the outdoors. Think about your personal style, as well. To create a more glamorous and modern feeling, pick a darker bedroom wall color, such as a deep grey, dark blue, or even black. Always keep in mind, however, that your bedroom’s ultimate purpose is to provide a relaxing retreat for sleep. While there is no right or wrong choice, try to avoid very bright and energizing colors – such as bold reds, yellows, and oranges – on the bedroom walls, because walls, because these colors tend to excite rather than relax.

If you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, you can paint the room yourself in one weekend, and spend as little as $20 per gallon of paint ( The average size bedroom needs two gallons for adequate coverage.) . For the best results, however, don’t skimp on your paintbrushes or roller – good quality brushes provide smooth, full coverage without streaks or shed bristles.

But don’t stop at the walls – there are many other ways to liven up your bedroom with paint. Paints ceilings, trim, beat-up furniture, and even floors. While it does takes a little more time and patience to wield a paintbrush on surfaces other than walls, the payoff comes at the end, when you have an entirely custom-colored bedroom.

If you’re a renter, you can still color your walls. Look for removable wallpaper that can be painted your favorite color, and then easily stripped without damage to the underlying wall once it’s time to move.


Now that you have your bedroom’s game plan, and it’s painted in your favorite color, it’s time to look at your bed – the star of your bedroom. One of the fastest and easiest ways to give your private retreat an entirely new look is by updating your bedding. And no, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune; you can find wonderful bedding.

When it comes to choosing your bedding, new white bedding instantly makes a room feel updated, clean, and elegant. You then layers accent pillows and shams, along with an extra blanket or quilt, on top of the while bedding to give to give a sense of coziness to space, and add a touch of pattern and color.


Bedrooms are a terrific place to showcase your photographs – invest in a few frames ot paint your old frames to give your pictures new life. Make sure you have enough bedside lighting for reading, and if you don’t, purchase a new lamp or repurpose a lamp from elsewhere in the house. Give it a new shade to coordinate with your new bedroom design.

Even a small bedroom has spot for a comfy chair – if you don’t already have one, check out thrift stores for good deals – for reading or pulling on shoes in the morning. Even if the chair needs new upholstery, you won’t need much fabric and can often transform an old, ugly chair into a showstopper for less than $200.

Finally, you can pick up a small dish for corralling jewelry, a new vase for showcasing flowers, and one or two mementos of your travels or interests. Accessories do not have to cost a fortune to be pretty and elegant. These last touches will elevate your room’s design and remind you at the end of the day of things and people you love.

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