How to choose a good apartment in hundreds building in HCMC?

Facing the increasing dispute between residents and building management board, many customers wishing to rent apartments in Ho Chi Minh City expressed concern. Whether or not they should move to a townhouse?

According to a report by Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA), the whole city currently has about 105 apartments in dispute at different levels. In which, there are 9 condominiums with fierce and complicated disputes. For example, Goldview building in District 4 often has residents hanging demonstration banners.

According to the Association, the situation of disputes in condominiums is increasing due to the trend of increasing number of condominiums and the tendency of urban strata to choose to live in shared apartments.

The Tresor apartment by Novaland group

The Tresor apartment by Novaland group

Dispute issues are often related to the management of the Building Management Board. Such as maintenance fund, operation management service, management board, building utility or legal commitment. Some investors and residents do not contribute the maintenance expenses. Even it was written in the 2005 Housing Law.

Or the investor and the Board of Management disagree on closing the apartment operating fund for the owner-owned area; disputes between investors and residents on the level of collection of condominium operation funds; disputes between apartment management units and residents on the level of collection of management fees for condominium operation.

Some buildings do not even organize apartment conferences because they want to manage and operate themselves. They want to manage the use of condominium maintenance and business operation of the common ownership area.

Besides, the problems related to general utilities such as swimming pools, gym rooms, play areas … or deteriorating building quality is also the reason that the Management Boards and residents have many disagreements.

Swimming pool the tresor in district 4

Swimming pool the Tresor in district 4

So, if you still want to live in the apartment but still worry, let’s see some tips below. First is the investor. With a reputable investor, the construction quality of the apartment or officetel will be guaranteed. Besides, legal issues are also more reliable. The second is the operational management unit. For apartment apartments, the investor will rent a management unit. These units are mostly experienced and reputable in the field of operational management. Therefore, the work process or related work will be more professional. Next is the residential community. When you intend to choose an apartment in a certain project, take the time to learn to see which residents are most of the class. Since then choose the environment that suits you. Finally, choose reputable real estate brokerage companies and specialize in the area you want.

On the market today there are many real estate brokerage companies. However, companies often operate in all districts, not in certain areas. Therefore, the level of knowledge, as well as the source of goods, is not much, making customers lose time.

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