IOT apartment landed in Ho Chi Minh City

Internet of things is becoming more popular in HCM, thanks to high-end real estate projects.

The super luxury apartment is the hottest segment in the field of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to that trend, this place is attracting many investors with many unique products. Sunshine Group’s Internet of things (IOT) apartment is a prime example.

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Everything in your home is done in just one click

Emerged with a series of projects in Hanoi as Riverside Sunshine, Sunshine Palace, Sunshine Garden, Sunshine Center, Sunshine City. The products of Sunshine Group have a modern style with beautiful and novel architectural style. It is also taking advantage of natural light source combined with unique lighting design. In addition, the technology house model is the point that makes it different.

These apartments provide a lot of gadgets for busy people. Such as elevator with pick up destination function, smart parking spots, etc. Besides, the investor also provides the Sunshine App and Sunshine Service to make residents feel more comfortable when living here. This trend has long developed in the world. But in Viet Nam, this trend has only emerged recently because of the high cost.

In order to meet today’s modern technology life, these projects also include an ecosystem of schools, commercial areas and e-commerce stores, a lot of services and some technology company.
In the near future, this brand is likely to launch a complex. This will include an apartment and a sky villa in district 4 and a key project in District 7 named Sunshine City Saigon.
img20181030084735818 - IOT apartment landed in Ho Chi Minh City

The perspective of Sunshine City Saigon

img20181030084736070 - IOT apartment landed in Ho Chi Minh City

The perspective of Sunshine City Saigon

This project will include a lot of top-notch utilities such as Sky Bar Panorama, Sky Walk, Inner River, European Landscape Style Garden, International School, etc.
With this new direction, Sunshine City will become a formidable opponent for other brands in Ho Chi Minh City in the future.
Source: Tri Thuc Tre

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