Lagi – a new attractive area for resort real estate investors

Resort real estate in Vietnam in recent years has developed quite quickly, especially the type of sea and island tourism.

These products meet the needs of people who have long-term vacation or groups of friend and family. This kind of product helps them to be more proactive in using time. Besides, they can stay in a high quality resort or hotel but still comfortable like home.

After a long period of exciting activities, the apartment – resort villas market in Da Nang, Nha Trang or Binh Dinh is cooling down. Instead, large investors are diverting capital flows into some new markets such as Lagi – Binh Thuan. Because this place owns hundreds of kilometers of coastline, there is potential for real estate development.

dsc00593 - Lagi - a new attractive area for resort real estate investors

Binh Thuan is a new destinate for resort real estate investors

Binh Thuan has 192 km of sea shore with warm sunshine all year round, rarely flooding. It should be able to see great potential for tourism development in this locality. In addition, Lagi a place has been known for a long time with Coco Beach resort. But this place is still not so developed.

The reason is the investment capital for tourism infrastructure is still small. And it is not many facilities such as Nha Trang or Da Nang. However, the province has joined hands with some other localities to invest in completing the coastal route. Since then, investors have found many new development opportunities.

Since then, the province has implemented the process of improving the investment environment, reforming administrative procedures strongly. Investing in specific tourism projects, large scale, high quality tourism, entertainment and marine services in the province.

In parallel, Binh Thuan has invested in improving infrastructure to create conditions for tourism to develop. To concentrate on investing in upgrading and expanding main traffic axes linking tourist resorts in the province; Ham Tien and La Gi service areas.

It is from those decisions that this place is gradually attracting a lot of domestic and foreign investors to develop many large-scale projects.

In addition, the province has 40 projects in many areas committed to investment in the coming time. It including tourism and service sectors with a total registered capital of VND 126,000 billion.

Talking to us recently, Mr Tran Hieu – Deputy General Director of Marketing & Business Division DKRA Vietnam Company, affirmed that this year the housing market in Ho Chi Minh City continued to “stall”. At least It is only after half a year that there is a recovery.

This is helping to boost the “flowing” cash flow into the housing market in other localities with other advantages because demand is still rising in all segments.

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