Scale planning and utilities in The Tresor – District 4

I-Scale planning of The Tresor project

The Tresor Group Novaland street-4 is one of the complex projects including commercial center – apartment – office. The Tresor is located in the project area’s Ben Van Don District 4 – is a central part of the city.

Scale planning and utilities in The Tresor - District 4

Scale planning and utilities

The Tresor project is located in the new central planning area of 930ha. District 4 will grow to become a central part of the city in the future on surfaces such as infrastructure traffic, commercial development – service, port construction international tourism in the future so District 4 will be more favorable when both a prime place and fresh air.

II-Gadgets at The Tresor

The Tresor apartment includes a commercial center, gym, outdoor swimming pool, children’s play area, supermarket, coffee-restaurant. Within 1km radius includes essential places such as schools, markets, supermarkets, banks, hospitals.

Gadgets at The Tresor

Gadgets at The Tresor

Fire reporting system according to current standards. Strict security protection, 24/7. The camera is installed in locations such as a ground lobby, tunnel (elevator way). Elevators use magnetic cards issued by residents to public areas and apartment floors purchased.

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