The Government Inspectorate clarifying missing Thu Thiem zoning map

The Government Inspectorate has completed a daft conclusion of an inspection of land planning and use in HCMC, including a clarification of whether or not a zoning map of Thu Thiem new urban area is missing.

The daft inspection conclusion has been sent to the HCMC government and relevant agencies for further explanation and clarification.
A source told news website Dan Tri said that what Vo Viet Thanh, who served as HCMC chairmen in 1996-2001, had shared with the media in the past few days is accurate based on evidence the Government Inspectorate had collected and included in the daft conclusion.

Thanh told the local media that when presenting a Thu Thiem development proposal to the then Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, Thanh used 13 maps. Thanh is still keeping all the files related to the Thu Thien new urban area development project dated May 1995 with 13 maps depicting the planning of the area’s construction, water drainage, infrastructure, electricity supply, functional areas and transport, among others.

Thanh said that he has a 1/5000 scale map and that the 13 maps are being kept at different department of HCMC as many copies were made to garner comments before the proposal was presented to the late Prime Minister.

According to Thanh, since he retied, no one from the city government, ministriesand agencies has come to him asking whether the 1/5000 scale is actually missing.

The Government Inspectorate will sent people to HCMC to meet Thanh an discuss the Thu Thiem maps with him.
The HCMC government reportedly visited Thanh last Tuesday and asked to borrow the 1/5000 scale maps attached to the proposal for approval of the Thu Thiem new urban area project which was presented to the Politburo and the Prime Minister in 1996.

Dan Tri reported that the Minister of Construction on May 15, 1996 sent Document 621/BXD/KTQH on the detailed planning of Thu Thiem area to the Prime Minister. In the document, the Ministry of Construction did not mention in detail which map was attached and made by whom. The Prime Minister signed Decision 367 on planning of Thu Thiem urban area on June 4, 1998.

Thanh affirmed that Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet signed Decision 367 approving the Thu Thiem prject but did not sign any original zoning maps.

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