The interesting thing about Boxing Day

Many people may not know that Boxing Day is one of the most important days on Christmas season. It is just after the Christmas Eve. The name “Boxing Day” can simply be derived from the word Christmas Boxes (not the boxing sport).

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Some interesting things about boxing day

In Western countries, in the morning after Christmas Eve, family members often gather in their cozy home and exchange gifts. They are usually packed carefully in gift boxes and placed under a Christmas tree. Even in some places like Australia, Boxing Day was the time when colleagues gave each other gifts as a thank you for supporting each other for a hard working year. And therefore, this day is becoming more and more popular with Asian countries like Vietnam.

About the deep roots of this tradition, some document said that It may have originated in the Middle Ages. When wealthy families deliver gifts to the poor and disadvantaged people after Christmas Eve. And the plantation owners give the employees a day off to reunite with their family on Christmas. So at that time, Boxing Day also had another name – Christmas of the poor.

From then, Boxing Day was seen as an opportunity for people to share their love for their beloved people. At the same time to help people who less fortunate circumstances. Today, most Western countries take December 26, the second day after Christmas to be Boxing Day. In countries like England, Canada, and South Africa, this day is also defined as a public holiday.

Some other sideline information

Not just an occasion to give gifts, Boxing Day is also the time when a lot of brand or shopping centers launched big promotions. And they are no less than black Friday. On this day, all street leading to big shopping malls in the city is packed with people and vehicles.

December 26 is also the most important holiday in England. It is the day of Saint San Esteban’s memorial. In five of the most prestigious European leagues, Premier League is the only league where players must play in the Boxing Day. The reason is to celebrate the historic event in 1914, the outbreak of the First World War. To celebrate the ceasefire agreement, German and British soldiers held a football match right on Christmas time. Up to now, to keep in mind the legendary game which is full of humanity, the English Premier League has been held every year during Christmas season to New Year Eve.

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