Uber : Pros – Cons and Safely tips for kid


Background checks – It’s definitely a plus that Uber drivers must submit to background checks performed by the company. However, they don’t reveal much information about them, and parents using Uber know how thorough those background checks are.
uber4 - Uber : Pros – Cons and Safely tips for kid
Cost – Uber can be less expensive than other car services.

Convenience – All you have to do is click on the app to order the car service. It tells you immediately how quickly the driver will arrive, and payments are made through the app – so your child doesn’t have to carry cash.


Missed opportunity to tap other resources – As a single parent, you need to create a support network for yourself and your kids. This might include family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Relying on Uber to transport your kids means not calling on these other individuals – who might have wanted very much to help you.

Unexpected price hikes – In certain situations, Uber will raise their prices unexpectedly. Some riders have complained that they were not aware of this until the end of the ride, when the receipt arrived via email.
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Safety risks – As a single parent raising your kids solo, you have to trust others with your children quite often But you have to be careful about who you choose to trust. When it comes to Uber, you have absolutely no relationship to the driver and, really, no reason to trust him or her. While background checks are performed, they may provide more of a false sense of security than actual reassurance of your child’s safety. With no other adult in the car, child passengers are vulnerable to the motivations of the drive, who – given an opportunity to do harm – may care little about losing his or her job. Even putting aside predatory concerns, the driver has no training in child development or first aid and may not be prepared to care for your child en route.

Safety tips

• Role play what to do in an emergency.
• Teach awareness
• Enable location tracking
• Keep a cell phone handy
• Use the buddy system
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• Look for options geared toward busy families,
• Hire a driving nanny.
• Carpool with other families.

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