What to do if you’re caught in a high-rise building

1. Don’t panic

The first sign of a fire typically a blaring alarm system. But once you see or smell smoke, you should immediately call 114 and tell the operator where you are in the building. Due to the massive size of a building, this will help gist responders locate you more quickly and will help firefighters determine how much of the building is threatened.
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2.Determine where the fire is relative to your apartment

When faced with danger, your first instinct is to flee as quickly as possible. Don’t. Normally, most procedures in … residential high-rise fires have people stay in their apartments, unless the fire is in their apartment is being impacted by the fire. Why ? Because in most scenarios, especially if residents are on higher floors, it’s too dangerous and difficult for them to leave. It’s happened time and time again : people left their apartments and tried to make it down the stairs. It’s basically like walking into a chimney. There’s a natural inclination to get out. But you could be put in more danger trying to do that. However, if the stairs are a clear and safe option, use them. Be quick, but in control, experts say.

3. Decide if it’s safer tostay or go

– If you decide to stay :
Unless your apartment is actively threatened by the fire, stay put. Place wet towels under your doors and cover your vents to limit smoke coming in. Then wait for first responders
– If you decide to leave :
Don’t go up to the roof or use elevators. Also, don’t break a window and definitely don’t try to jump. These methods of escape could be dangerous – even deadly.There should be one item that you should pioritize when fleeing : your key.
This is importent in case you leave your apartment and quickly find your hallway or staris blocked. You might have to turn back.
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4. Listen to fist responders

The only thing that will probably keep you alive is knowing what to do in a fire.

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